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21st Dec 2011Posted in: Around the Web 0

The Unshaven boys have been funded at their Kickstarter but dont let that stop you from kicking in they still have 25 days to go! Check out their Podcast and their Website. Congrats fellas we are looking forward to hooking up and Doing the first set of Samurnaut Armor! We are more than excited to do this project! […]

7th Dec 2011Posted in: Around the Web 0

The Guys over at Unshaven Comics posted their latest Pod Cast and were nice enough to mention us as the makers of the Samurnauts armor they are currently doing a Kickstarter for. Check em out and help them in their conquest! Jeremey

2nd Dec 2011Posted in: Malmey Blog 0

Hey Everyone Head to the link below and Help our good friends Unshaven Comics raise the funds to bring their AWESOME Comic The Samurnauts to life! Time to Armor Up!!! Thanks Jeremey