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31st Mar 2012Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

Hey Guys and Gals We just finished the first set of Loki Latex pulls, We couldn’t be happier with the  way it turned out! We cast and pulls each part! 1 Chest, 2 shoulders and 2 gauntlets. The only down side of this is I’m sending this one out as raw latex, so this will be it […]

23rd Mar 2012Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

Ok Everyone, After the designs  I had some extra time and was able to get a little further on this project that I expected. Here are the foam masters for the Loki Armor. The pics show all the details that the designs lack, it really shows the 3D attributes of the suit! We intend to get […]

22nd Mar 2012Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

Ok guys and gals, Here is the design for the Loki Armor, please ignore the colors they are just there to distinguish between the detail!! The Loki Armor was a lot more difficult of a design to do that the Thor, it had some elements that did not translate well! As most of you know […]

20th Mar 2012Posted in: Around the Web 0

WOW!!! This is crazy nuts! Our Darth Knight costume Seems to be picking up steam again with appearances on sites like GeekTyrant, Geekologie, Dark Knight News, Technbob  and Mint Condition Customs amungst many others! We would like to personally thank everyone for making this costume so popular, without all of you out there, there is no way […]

19th Mar 2012Posted in: Costumes In Progress, Malmey Blog 0

With our Thor Vest Arms and Gauntlets out of the way we though it unfair not to pay our respects to his Slightly Evil and more Mischievous brother Loki. I mean really whats one without the other? Its like Optimus without Megatron, or GiJoe without Cobra (Not Cobra Lalalalalalala, just Cooooobraaaaa!!!!) Ok with that out of […]

19th Mar 2012Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

Ok guys and Gals Here is the update you have been waiting for. We took a small break away from the Samurnaunt Armor to allow the Unshaven Comics Lads to catch up with all of their Kick starter and focus on their new baby obligations (Congrats Marc and Matt from Mallie and I by the way)! The fellas […]

16th Mar 2012Posted in: Malmey Blog 0

We here at Malmey Studios have made many different Captain America costumes and masks. The latest being our WWII Ultimate Captain America. Well we finally got pictures of our full costume of Modern Cap. We made this late last year and posted pics of just the chest but never really got to the complete costume. A […]

12th Mar 2012Posted in: Around the Web 0

Jedi Insider reports that Mint Condition Customs has created an awesome Action figure based on our widely popular Darth Knight Costume!! How cool is that??!!   John Harmon from Mint Condition Customs explains the figure like this: “Darth Knight has been using the body from a Dark Knight Movie Masters Batman figure, and the head, lightsaber, chest plate, […]