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8th Dec 2015Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

Ok friends your friendly Neighborhood Mr. Malmey is back in action with a new tutorial this month. This time we are going to go deep into the process and give you some information that is not easily found. First off we need to thanks Mrs. Malmey for another beautiful sculpt, without her there would be […]

5th Jan 2015Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

So we were challenged to a #GrootOff by our buddy at Invictus Cosplay from Geeks with Wives. With this being our first foam build We gladly accepted. The gist of the challenge is to build a Groot costume, everything has to be hand made withe the exception of the under suit and stilts (if you […]

2nd Oct 2014Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

Hey guys and gals We are back with another blog about a fun little project we were contacted to do. It’s pretty obscure which is why we jumped at the opportunity to make this happen. When making Starro we were not sure where to start as we wanted to give him a “real world” feel, […]

1st Aug 2014Posted in: Costumes In Progress, Malmey Blog 0

With the beginning of our New Tactical vest line we thought we would show everyone how we make a costume! Building Deathstroke Part 1 We thought we would show how we build a costume start to finish. Were going to focus on the chest but the rest of the costume is built the same way. […]

21st Jan 2014Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

After a short break after finishing the Injustice Flash we decided to start back up and turn our attentions to Mega City and their Law Enforcement officers the Judges! Not sure we will be doing the whole costume or not as there are already some helmet options out there but we will see where it […]

8th Oct 2013Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

One of our favorite things is Halloween, this year our daughter wanted to be a banana, then a special forces dude and then and then and then. The best part about being a child is that you can change your mind as many times as you want with little consequence. She finally decided (so far) […]

24th May 2013Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

We recently acquired a 3D CNC Machine and have been working my way through both the software and the CNC operations. The 3D capabilities  will change the way we do costumes. The way we use to do them was using V-carving to turn 2D into 3D suits, now we actually have true 3D carving capabilities. […]

24th May 2013Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

We are long time fans of the Muppets here at Malmey Studios. We have build many costumes but have never taken on something as difficult as a Muppet. The nice thing about Sweetums is he towers over his Muppet and Human counter parts so the costume lends its self to a taller person very well. […]

6th Dec 2012Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

Hey Faithful Followers, This project is a follow up to our popular Darth Knight (DC/Star Wars Darth Vader, Batman Dark Knight Mash-Up)  and our not so popular red-headed step brother Super Mando (DC/Star Wars Boba Fett, Superman Mash-Up). We would like to introduce you to Dark Fett a (DC/Star Wars Batman Dark Knight, Boba Fett Mash-Up) We were contacted by […]

21st Nov 2012Posted in: Costumes In Progress 0

We took a small break but we are back to work. I was contacted by a friend and an Aquaman costume was purposed to me. Not being an Aquaman Fan I was hesitant “Bah!!!! No one likes AquaMan, I Said”. Turns out I was wrong and there is little to NO good costumes out there […]