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Malmey Studios is doing a whole lotta ducking around with the Introduction of our Duck mask. This Mask is specific and recognizable enough to be coined as a Darkwing or Nega Duck from the hit 90’s Disney show Darkwing Duck but also generic enough to be painted as possibly Daffy, Donald or Howard! We think […]

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This is just a simple blog to show you what we have come up with! Mrs. Malmey and I have moved our business into a bold new direction or a Tactical Vest style costume. They are light weight, easy to wear and very versatile! I know we have announced this in the past and have […]

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Our Catwoman cowl has been around fro a couple years now. It has seen many incantation including an all black version,an all purple version and even a silver age purple and black version. But until now it has never been Grey & Black. A lot of you can probably remember all the wa back to […]

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We have put a ton of new stuff out this year from our introduction of our Tactical Vest line of superhero inspired costumes to expanding out ladies line with not one but 2 batgirl cowls. So we thought we would round out the year with one last piece, a Daredevil cowl. We have been asked […]

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This is our newest addition to our line of superhero inspired tactical vests. It gains it’s inspiration from both the DC and Marvel worlds of comics, movie & television. While mostly drawing inspiration from the CW show Arrow it also plays into the realistic world of the Marvel Avengers world. Here you have an Arrow […]

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We just finished the build on our New Marvel Falcon/Captain America inspired tactical vest This is the newest addition to our ever growing Tactical Vest line. We drew our inspiration for this from the Marvel Now comics and the reboot of Captain America. After going throught the design we did our best to alter the […]

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we have just completed our newest vest in our Tactical vest line. This vest was inspired be Marvel’s Captain America The Winter Soldier movie. It takes the majority of its inspiration from the stealth suit. It would also work perfect for a Shield Nick Fury as well.   Here are a couple pics of the […]

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We have always loved the Redhood character even all the way back to the days of the joker portraying him. We have thought many times about making this costume but it was not until the pictures of Redhood were leaked from the Batman: Arkham Knight the game that we were truly inspired to do the […]

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If there is one product we lack its products for the ladies. So we worked on that. We decided to give our favorite lady of DC a shot. We were trying to decide what version we wanted to do and we kept coming back to 2. The Bombshell batgirl and the new 52 batgirl. The […]