About Us

 Malmey Studios was collaborated in February 2010 By Jeremey M. Adams and Mallie J. Adams. The premise of our work is to build high quality movie props and custom made costumes as well as other types of fine Art. Our work has ranged from Creature Reacher Style costumes to generic superhero costumes to paintings and wall murals. The techniques used are computer graphics, molding and casting, sculpting and painting and CNC routing. Some of the mediums we work with are latex, silicone, plaster, clay, cloth, plastic, leather, and a variety of paint.

Between Mallie and myself we have over 30 years of professional graphics and fine arts experience. We are not new to art or costume making by a long shot. I have been making costumes and accessories since 2006 and we have both been building our own costumes since we were children. Our costumes have been featured on such sites as Obvious Winner, Cheeseburger, ING  and Geekologie! Our costumes have also been featured on TV with shows such as G4’s Attack of the Show, CNN and our Local News Morning Shows. Please stay a while and have a look around. 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

Jeremey & Mallie Adams


We are not affiliated with Warner Bros, Dc Comics, Disney, Marvel or any other Studio. The work displayed on this website is fan artwork by many artists and our main area of focus is custom, original creations and non-licensed materials.